Code of Conduct
RECSELT Manpower & Mangement Development Consultants

Our purpose is to enable our clients to improve their profitability by locating for them, executives who will enhance the leadership and technical skills of the company. After we completely understand the client's need and are certain that the assignment can be successfully completed; it is our responsibility to put-forth our total effort, observing certain tenets during the course of the search :

  • Candidates formally presented will be interviewed and fully evaluated according to established norms and standards set.
  • Candidates will be presented with their full knowledge and approval.
  • No executive will be approached in a client organization.
  • No executive who has been placed by RECSELT will be approached, unless the company or the candidate on its own initiative, request that we move the candidate.
  • A client will not be identified to a source, prospect, or candidate without prior approval.
  • Reference check will not be done without the knowledge and agreement of the candidate. The results will be reported in full to the client.