RECSELT Manpower & Mangement Development Consultants

RECSELT helps you in getting efficient human resources to empower your operations in sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Manufacturing in Management Cadre with all industry especially Engineering,Consumer, Pharma, IT and Construction Industry. We have with us broad involvement in using our aptitude and additionally proficient enlistment standards to discover most ideal placement solutions for our customers. We have hands-on real-life experience in manpower recruitment solutions in the actual site or field; hence we have the ability to judge the right candidates for right placements. Thus we are bridging the gap between job and manpower needs. RECSELT act as a positive catalyst in progressing and simplifying the manpower recruitment process and help organizations to concentrate on your core business. 

We have with us experienced expertise as well as professional recruitment principles to find best possible placement solutions for our clients. Our executive team has developed a business model that allows us to deliver high-quality services and solutions at a reasonable cost. We are also able to proactively identify risks which we quickly resolve and provide guaranteed satisfaction to our clients.